Kirdan Lees, PhD

Cutting through complex problems is what I like doing best. I believe in the well-honed economic toolkit I draw on and enjoy helping others get a handle on the trade-offs that come with both public policy and business decision-making.

I believe economics shows the logic, incentives and trade-offs behind public policy and business decisions. Much of my best work is establishing strong frameworks for the evidence base. Then I draw on a wide range of quantitative techniques to pin down precisely which effects will dominate a policy decision or business investment opportunity.

Many of the quantitative tools I use stem from my training in modern macroeconomics. I managed research and policy teams at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, regularly consult to the New Zealand Treasury and have a deep understanding of providing solid policy advice based on strong evidence.

Recent work is dominated by applying microeconomics to some of the most critical issues for New Zealand including dealing with Auckland’s land supply, testing the logic and evidence base for policy intervention on water quality of New Zealand’s lakes, helping test the intervention logic of an investment approach to parts of the social sector, and identifying opportunities for business from New Zealand’s burgeoning tourism sector. 

I also review agencies’ forecasting capabilities and performance and offer a forecasting warrant-of-fitness test.


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