Jean-Pierre de Raad, BCA, MA

I like only one thing more than getting to the bottom of tricky questions and solving problems. That is being clear and to the point when giving advice to customers.

As long as I can remember I have wanted to work on fixing broken public policy. Over the years, I have developed a track-record with customers of doing just that, delivering actionable insights on all kinds of public policy matters, particularly in health, education, justice and social policy.

Each challenge is different. But to me, common ingredients to finding solutions are logic, data, and evidence. These help our customers cut through the noise of anecdotes and strongly-held beliefs, and drive business and policy change.

Born and bred in The Hague, Netherlands, I have lived in Wellington since the mid 1980s. Over the years I have worked for government agencies in policy and senior management roles, and as consultant and CEO of a highly regarded economic consultancy.



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